Wireless Telecommunication Facilities

Requirements for Telecommunication Facilities

In order to meet the requirements for timely processing of wireless telecommunication facility permit applications, each of the following applications must be filed with the appropriate County department for an application to be considered filed:

Planning Department

  • Administrative Use Permit

Building Department

  • Building Permit

Public Works Department

  • Grading Permit (if applicable)
  • Encroachment Permit (if applicable)

Air Pollution Control District

  • Authority to Construct

Applications submitted to only one department do not constitute a complete application for a wireless telecommunications facility if corollary applications are required with another department. All applications will be reviewed concurrently with communication provided to the applicant regarding all of the related applications.

If you have questions regarding any of the submittal requirements or whether an application type is applicable to your proposed project, please contact the appropriate department.

Please note that Calaveras County strongly encourages stealth towers to be constructed, especially in residential or high-visibility areas. It is not uncommon for stealth construction to be a condition of approval for telecommunication facilities.

Required Documents